I think,that I was abducted by aliens. They’ve conducted some experiments on me ,and now I’m absolutely nuts.

How else can  i explain , that  i’m doing  A to Z challenge ? I even don’t consider myself to be a blogger. Well,not yet.  I’m a beginner with just a couple of random posts out there.

But still, i’m doing this. Oh,dear:)

26 days,26 letters,26 posts…    A to Z…

I have no plan and no idea , what I’m going to write about .I even not sure,if  i make the whole run, but…..

I have nothing to lose. I might even make some new friends along the way:) And it will be simply fun to be part of this game.

Are YOU up for a challenge and meeting new people? Than have a look here for more info.

Join in and have fun!