signpost_vector The challenge starts in a couple of hours , and I’m sooo not ready! Thinking ,worrying,planning….. There are so many directions  I can go .Which one should I take?

I think, i will just pick up the words meaning something to me , or the words which ARE me. Shall I call it The Ordinary Me from A to Z ? 🙂 

I have a folder ,called A to Z ,so you can find challenge posts easily .

I will try to visit so many of your blogs , as possible . Hopefully,you’ll read mine  too.

I will comment, and  I hope ,that you do the same . Comments,questions,suggestions,critik,praise ,hate,love….All is welcome . And  i will answer you. Maybe not straight away , but i will do.

There is just one thing  I want to say , before the game begins.I want to say

Big Thank You ,My Followers ! You are the reason  i keep going!