photoEven if my previous and, I’m sure of that, many future posts can give the impression, that I’m Mister Misery myself. I do have sense of humour! Well, you just don’t know me good enough, but we are getting there, right?

I do have a sense of humour, but left it somewhere along the road through all my small tragedies, and now I’m tracing my steps back through the debris of deaths, break downs, break through, failures, victories…. Bear with me, I can already hear the voice of my old’ buddy, swearing and promising to strangulate me in the most brutal way possible for being left alone. Don’t worry though, I will sort it out! After all, we’ve known each other for more, than 40 years and have been through ice and fire together, and such friendships don’t simply die.

Hay, my dear Humour! I’m so happy to hear your voice again! Throw so many insults at me, as you like, I’ll understand. You need to let the steam out. Meanwhile, I smoke a cigarette or two. Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.

I’ll stay with you till the end of our journey, and what for a journey that was until now!!! Remember all the crazy things we did? And all the shit hitting the front window, obscuring the perfect view of things ahead? And all the dark times, when our laugh gave us the hope of getting out alive? We laughed through tears, and we survived. I wouldn’t be able to do that alone, my friend!

I’m sorry for losing the sight of you – I was distracted by that Depression guy. He lured me in the dark and sucked the happiness out of me. I am so sorry; I’ve left you alone. I still have battles to win-the foe is still strong, but you are on my side again, and I’m not scared anymore. We kill the dirty bastard with our smiles, thinking about all the good crazy things we are going yet to see on our way. We are not dead yet, right?

So, what are we waiting for? Oh, you want me to say it out loud? Ok, here comes

My dear Humour! I love you and want to spend my life on your side. Will you marry me?