dreamer final 1

I wrote this quite a long time ago and totaly forgot about it.Found it again going through some old papers and decided to post it.Absolutely over the top piece, but the youth IS over the top ,and  i was no exeption 🙂



They hunted me down like an animal,

 And threw the stones at me for being who I am.

       They injected me with the poison of self-doubt,

And I believed each cruel name they called me.


They burned me to the ground a thousand times,

        But I rose from the ashes despite all odds.

They bent me with the wind of hate and broke me in half,

        But I mended under the sun of hope.


        My arms were twisted behind my back,

And the acid of shallow minds burnt my eyes —

       I cried blood rivers and drowned , gasping for help.

Nobody heard the weak whisper of not understanding-why?


       They hoped I will give up and stop to exist.

They hoped I follow their wicked rules,

        But there is only so much pain one can take.

I refused to be a prey and went through the hell.


I have no fear now, because they cannot hurt me no more.

      I have no hate- it’s not my task to judge and punish.

I wish them no harm and I smile, when we meet,

       And I ask if they are sound. I wish them luck.


I am Immune to being hunted down and to their stones.

      I am Immune to the poisonous words.

I am immune to the flame of hate.

      Immune to the shallow minds.